EA Chats Battlefield 2042 and Battlefield Mobile Launch Plans

"Battlefield is undergoing major change"

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EA Chats Battlefield 2042 and Battlefield Mobile Launch Plans

During EA Games’ latest quarterly financial conference call for investors, CEO Andrew Wilson touched on the future of Battlefield 2042. If anything, the current situation with Battlefield 2042 is a sore spot for the developer. After launching back in November, Battlefield 2042 has since gone dead with a low player base jumping into the game to experience the rather mediocre gameplay, maps and guns. However, Wilson says Battlefield 2042 has a bright future and he expects the series to grow to be an important part of EA’s portfolio.

Wilson says that Battlefield 2042 now has an “incredible leadership” team that is now rethinking the entire development process from the group up. The CEO says that the company is now using Vince Zampella/Respawn’s model to “get to the fun as quickly as possible” and these changes will soon be seen throughout the game.

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Wilson says the development team has been working on thousands of updates for the community on the quality of life and game changes. However, he says the work has just begun for Battlefield 2042 and there is a lot more happening to get the game where it needs to be.

The big push here, of course, is Wilson’s drive for investors to trust the company’s approach for Battlefield 2042. He says that EA plans on investing in the franchise beyond what we know today. Wilson says that one of these investments is Battlefield Mobile which is expected to go into further testing at the end of May.

EA isn’t rushing to release Battlefield Mobile though. Wilson says the company is working on every aspect of the game very carefully. Once it enters closed beta at a different time, EA will then look at game balance, bugs and more. He says that Battlefield Mobile won’t likely release to the public until late this year or even early 2023.

Source: EA

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