EA Confirms Battlefield 2021 June Reveal and PS4 and Xbox One Support
"Just a few weeks away"
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EA Games has confirmed that fans will see Battlefield 2021 in June. While this reveal is a month late compared to the game’s original rumoured May showcase, perhaps it is for the better. EA Games and DICE have a lot banking on the success of this year’s shooter so don’t be surprised if the game is delayed and planned announcements set back to ensure a smooth marketing rollout.

During EA’s quarterly earnings report, EA CEO Andrew Wilson confirmed that Battlefield 2021 will be fully revealed next month. This being after the official Twitter account tweeted “June” too. However, the big news is the confirmation of PS4 and Xbox One support for the game.


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Previously, rumours suggested that EA would skip launching Battlefield 2021 on PS4 and Xbox One in favour of the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. Reports claimed that the dev team were facing issues due to the lack of power in the PS4 and Xbox One. This being especially when working on the rumoured 128-player game modes and advanced destruction.

Andrew Wilson confirmed during his call that Battlefield 2021 will indeed release on PS4 and Xbox One after all. Of course, EA Games and DICE have most likely cut corners to get the game to run on the seven-year-old consoles. We will probably see a much lower resolution, limited game modes and lack of visual fidelity across the game.

Battlefield 2021

We can only hope that we don’t have a repeat of Cyberpunk 2077. A game that was released on PS4 and Xbox One and suffered from some horrendous launch issues including bugs, performance problems and more. It is nice to include past consoles but given Battlefield 2021 is meant to be a five-year project, let’s hope the hardware does not hold the game back from growing.

Source: EA Games 

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