EA Confirms New Battlefield – Will Focus on All-Out Military Warfare

"Expect a Battlefield reveal in the coming months"

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EA Confirms New Battlefield – Will Focus on All-Out Military Warfare

During its annual earnings call, EA Games officially confirmed the previously-leaked news about a new Battlefield game set to arrive in 2021. The company claims that they will showcase the new Battlefield in Spring (autumn here) and it will launch in holiday 2021. In addition, the upcoming shooter will take full advantage of the new consoles including PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. EA also says that the game will include all-out military warfare.


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According to EA Games, Battlefield development is progressing steadily. The company says that the development team is ahead of schedule and it looks like the game will be completed earlier than previous titles. This could mean that the upcoming shooter might release in early November 2021. The full statement reads:

“We’re looking forward to sharing a lot more about our FY22 plans in the months ahead, including our next Battlefield experience, which will mark a return to all-out military warfare.

The game takes full advantage of the power of the next-generation platforms to bring massive, immersive battles to life with more players than ever before. Featuring maps with unprecedented scale, the next edition of Battlefield takes all the destruction, player agency, vehicle and weapon combat that the franchise is known for and elevates it to another level.

The team is focused and the game is ahead of our internal milestones. We’ll reveal the game in the spring, and deliver a defining Battlefield experience for our players in the 2021 holiday season”

This news lines up with previous reports that the upcoming Battlefield game will be heavily inspired by Battlefield 3. The reports also claim that the shooter will include a massive 128-player mode on new consoles and hardware while the last-gen hardware will be restricted to 64 players.

Source: Twitter

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