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EA Details Battlefield 2042 Map Changes But Don’t Expect Them Soon

EA has finally shed some light on the upcoming Battlefield 2042 map changes headed to the game. The publisher is working hard alongside its developer DICE to improve the experience even though we are already in April and have yet to see any of these improvements come to light.

EA says that the map changes in Battlefield 2042 will roll out at a slow pace. The first maps to get an overhaul are Kaleidoscope and Renewal when Season 1 arrives. Other maps will only get tweaked at a later date when later seasons of the game are released.

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In a blog post, Battlefield community manager Adam Freeman outlines the changes headed to Battlefield 2042. These changes have been brought about thanks to the feedback DICE has received from players. Fans have done nothing but complain about Battlefield 2042 since its launch in November last year. Map design has been especially a problem in the game. Players say the maps are too big, empty and the objectives are too far apart. Not to mention the map design is very flat and wide open making it a chore to sprint across from one point to another.

Players have also been complaining that the 128-player matches in Battlefield 2042 are too chaotic for the current map design. Thankfully, EA and DICE are addressing these issues…. very slowly.

Objectives are now being moved around the map to reduce travel time, more cover is being added to the maps and terrain is being increased and decreased where possible to include more blocks for line-of-sight. EA and DICE are also including new assets into the maps that will include more direct paths from one objective to another.

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Maps in Battlefield 2042 will also receive visual updates to make them feel ready for battle. Players have complained that these maps feel too clean and don’t represent ongoing warfare across each region. DICE are now adding in assets like barbed wire across the land to enhance this visual feeling.

DICE is also tweaking the overall matchmaking experience in Battlefield 2042. The game’s 128-player mode (available on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S) will have a reduced number of attack vehicles in all categories. This will drop from three down to two. Cooldowns are also being increased for attack vehicles and helicopters. DICE is also switching around vehicle spawns into different categories to help create more of a balance in matches.

Sadly, it is going to be a while before DICE and EA release all these “exciting” changes in Battlefield 2042. The vehicle changes will arrive in the game’s next update. However, the more substantial updates to the maps Kaleidoscope and Renewal won’t release until Season 1. We don’t know when this season of content will even release at this point. It was delayed from December until 2022 but have yet to receive any update from DICE regarding the new release date.

DICE is also currently looking into the game’s Specialists to see how the developer can change them to “improve their gameplay” and “fit into the world of Battlefield 2042.” Good luck with that.

Source: BF Blog

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