EA Bans Abusive FIFA Player “Kurt0411” From all its Games and Online Services
EA Games Kurt0411 FIFA 20 banned
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You know you are a bad guy when even EA Games bans you from all their online games and service so you cannot give them any money. Back in November, we reported on a FIFA competitor named Kurt0411 that was banned from the FIFA 20 events by the publisher for spitting on the EA Games logo. Now, EA has banned the player from its entire portfolio of games and services, completely. In a statement, EA revealed that Kurt Frenech (Kurt0411) has been banned due to “serious and repeated violations”.

EA Games claims the Fenech had been banned from FIFA 20 competitions and live events after he threatened employees and other players. The same employees who were threatened had their Twitter accounts hacked to display rogue messaged supporting the now-banned player. Other FIFA support staff reported serious levels of personal abuse from Kurt0411

The statement was released on Twitter and caused some uproar in the gaming community as Kurt0411 fans defended his actions. Kurt himself went and responded to EA asking them to give him examples of when he threatened their “incompetent employees”. He then went on to reveal that EA banned him from events because “they were scared I’d win them”. He then continued to threaten the publisher saying that he will “beat them with the numbers” (of fans).

Kurt0411 has since had his accounts permanently banned and his progress lost in all his EA Games titles including FIFA and its popular FUT mode. EA does not seem to be backing down as they take abuse to its employees very seriously. While the banned player is trying to defend his actions, his past transgressions prove otherwise.






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