EA Games Star Wars: Squadrons Announcement Taking Place Today

Xbox Game Pass EA Games Star Wars Squadrons
EA Games Star Wars: Squadrons Announcement Taking Place Today

Over on the weekend, Star Wars: Squadrons leaked on the Xbox Store. The game known as Project Maverick went live before the official announcement and showed a cool artwork with the two factions. Furthermore, EA Games let the cat out of the bag soon after the leak confirming the game’s existence and setting a reveal date and time to announce the game.

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Star Wars: Squadrons will be announced today at 17:00 on the official EA Games channels. The EA Star Wars accounts have begun posting some teasers in regards to the upcoming game. One of them includes the two fighter planes and the other is a “pilots wanted” wallpaper.

We don’t know much about the upcoming game but according to the artwork, it will feature some of the series’ most iconic fighters. The X-Wing vs TIE is seen on the key art. However, look closer and you will see the A-Wing, V-Wing, TIE Bomber, TIE Interceptor, and TIE Reaper. Furthermore, the game will feature a more arcade-like experience.  Stay tuned today as the full reveal takes place.

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