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EA Has 3-4 Unannounced Projects in Development

Electronic Arts has around three to four unannounced projects that they are currently working on. The company spoke during a recent financial earnings call, stating that they’ve got a few games still in development, including the next Need For Speed. Additionally, EA is also looking to acquire studios too.

EA Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen stated that they currently have a few unannounced projects in the works, though failed to give a timeline of when we can expect their announcements. Jorgensen also spoke about EA potentially getting into doing more studio acquisitions, along with confirming their commitment to their live-service sports franchises like FIFA and Madden.

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Jorgensen spoke about EA’s plans to lean into FIFA, Madden and hockey, while also reiterating that the next major Need For Speed game is on its way:

“We’re not ready to give guidance, which we normally don’t do this time of year, but we did give hints. The key to driving growth are obviously core portfolio, things like FIFA and live services associated with it. Madden, hockey, and other sports. Apex Legends obviously continued to evolve and show amazing growth. We will have an Apex Legends Mobile game in the market, we don’t know exactly when that’ll be.

We got a Need for Speed game coming, and there are three or four more things we haven’t announced yet, but you can imagine we are always trying to find ways to grow the portfolio year over year through new titles, new IP, and expansion, and as well, acquisition, which right now we are in the digest mode, but it doesn’t mean we won’t keep looking at everything going forward.”

EA didn’t offer any insight into what these unannounced games were (or when we can expect them), but thanks to their collective studios including Respawn Entertainment, Motive and many more, we assume these titles will come from them – including the confirmed Star Wars projects in development at Respawn.

For the time being, EA already has a lot on their plate in terms of upcoming titles. These include the next Need For Speed, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2, the Dead Space remake, Dragon Age 4 and the untitled Mass Effect sequel (below).

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