EA Shows Off Pre-Pre-Pre-Alpha For New Skate Game

"Sign up for the playtest today"

EA Shows Off Pre-Pre-Pre-Alpha For New Skate Game

Back in 2020 EA Games announced that the company was developing a new Skate game. The development team was excited to share the news but at the same time warned fans not to get too happy and expect gameplay and feature on a constant basis. There’s clear evidence why. EA Games is still in very (very) early development for Skate and the newest “pre-pre-pre-alpha” video proves this.

By the look of things, EA Games had to build an entirely new engine to develop Skate on. This means everything from the models to the physics to the cloth simulation had to be coded. As a result, the game is slowly taking shape. The new trailer gives us a glimpse of this as the in-game models are all work-in-progress and the environments are basically non-existent.

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With that being said, the overall mechanics at work in the trailer look great. Players can kind of get a feel of what the game looks like and how it plays. Character models seamlessly pull off moves while flipping their board, railing across walls and grinding up pipes.

The trailer also mentions a lot of player freedom in Skate and EA has seemingly built some insane creation tools for players to go wild with. We see a giant skate wall and other outlandish contraptions. There’s even a shot of a character using the monkey bars to pull themselves across an obstacle course.

While we don’t have a release window yet for Skate, EA has announced that playtesting is now available for public sign-ups. This means you can now sign-up for a chance to play Skate and watch the game grow over the course of the next few months.

The Skate playtest is only available on PC through Origin. However, the page does mention other platforms being available at a later date. If you are keen to give the game a run then visit the official site here and sign-up.

Yes and no, we’re very early in the development of skate. and are bringing players into the game much sooner than is the norm in our industry. We’re incredibly passionate about skate. and want to ensure we’re building the best possible game, and that’s why we want you playing and providing feedback early enough for us to make meaningful decisions and changes ahead of a worldwide launch.

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