EA Sports FC 24

EA Sports FC 24 Gameplay Trailer Contains Exactly 2 Seconds of Gameplay

EA has finally shed some light on the upcoming EA Sports FC 24 game. The company started teasing the game back in April and announced the announcement earlier this week. We can finally rest easy knowing that EA Sports FC 24 is headed our way later this year. We even have actual gameplay to watch (if you don’t blink).

EA Sports FC 24 will release on 22 September for early access users. This means if you purchase certain versions of the game such as the Ultimate Edition, you’ll get access a whole week before Standard Edition owners. Other users can start playing on 29 September.

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EA Sports FC 24 is releasing on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC and Nintendo Switch. In the trailer, EA CEO Andrew Wilson admits that pleasing the football video game fanbase is a challenge. Especially given how large it has grown over the past few years. He says that the goal of FC24 is to connect 1 billion fans through a new game franchise created in-house at EA.

Surprisingly, Wilson hosted the entire trailer without even mentioning the word “FIFA” once. Given EA’s past relationship with the FIFA brand, this is quite an achievement. It is nice to see the company looking forward without its previous history getting in the way.

EA says that FC24 has been built on an overhauled version of its Frostbite Engine. The company claims the new additions include tech such as Hypermotion V – an important aspect in making the animations in FC24 look as fluid as they do. The tech has also allowed EA to create new animations in just a matter of days.

Playstyles is another type of tech in the new engine. It utilizes real-world player data to create more lifelike recreations of actual players.

EA Sports FC 24

Apart from the new tech, EA Sports FC 24 will expand into women’s club soccer more than it did in FIFA 23. There are two new leagues covering professional clubs in both Germany and Spain. EA is also adding women’s soccer into the game’s Ultimate Team mode for the first time.

The company says it has exclusive agreements with both the Premier League and the UEFA Champions League for the game. This opens up opportunities to include new players, teams and tournaments.

Of course, the announcement did come with some backlash from fans. The so-called “gameplay trailer” is only 2 minutes long and contains very little gameplay. In fact, you can count exactly two seconds of gameplay in the entire clip. From 1:19 – 1:21, that’s the only gameplay (if it is even gameplay).

The rest of the trailer is just CG footage showing off the game’s animations and play styles. But showing CG footage of animations means nothing if this isn’t translated to gameplay. It makes no sense. Fans have also hit back at EA. The comment section of the video is filled with users complaining about the trailer.

Many of them claim that 99.9% of the video is CG and pre-order advertising. Many of them say the whole announcement is disappointing. At the time of writing, the trailer is sitting on 1.6 million views with 51k dislikes and 90k likes.

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