Eat KFC and Win Your Share of R50 Million in Gold

"Win a KFC ounce of gold"

KFC Golden Bucket Competition
Eat KFC and Win Your Share of R50 Million in Gold

To celebrate 50 golden years in Mzansi, KFC have launched a special gold promotion where customers can stand a chance of winning actual gold. KFC says that the hunt to win your share of R50 million in 24 carat gold is now on across South Africa.

Customers can stand a chance of winning KFC Real Gold Tokens made of 24 carat gold by purchasing participating chicken buckets. KFC has also revamped the bucket range with golden foiling to remind customers to enter by either purchasing the product or entering the competition once they have eaten their chicken.


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KFC says that the competition is now open from 30 March 2021 until 7 June 2021. Customers can purchase any Golden Bucket-for-one, 9 Piece Bucket, 15 Piece Bucket, or 21 Piece Bucket. Once purchased, they will receive a unique code on their till slip or via email for online orders. Customers must then dial USSD string *120*532*{Unique Code}# to enter.

Winners will be selected randomly by a prize win back-end feature according to the official terms and conditions. Customers may enter the KFC Golden Bucket Competition as many times as they want but each entry requires a unique code. Winners will be immediately notified if they win after sending the USSD.

By winning a KFC Real Gold Coin, the winner will receive a 1 ounce, 38mm in diameter 24 Carat Gold Token. At the time or writing, an ounce of gold is currently sitting at R28,115.

You can read the full terms and conditions for the KFC Golden Bucket Competition here.

Source: Press Release / TCs

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