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Ebb Software Delays SCORN in Hostile Dev Update

The Xbox and PC exclusive SCORN has been delayed into 2022 at no one’s surprise. Given that it is already November and the game is nowhere to be seen this delay only confirms what we have already suspected from the title. Ebb Software shared the delay on its Kickstarter Page. According to the studio, since its announcement in October last year, SCORN development has gone well but not as well as the studio hoped it would.

The studio explains that a year in game development time is not a lot of time to work on a game. In addition, the studio provided a long explanation on why they have been silent over the past few months. They blame the pressures of game development alongside other factors.

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The good news is that SCORN is still alive. The bad news, you won’t play it any time soon. Ebb Software says that the release has now been pushed into 2022. The studio says they will provide an official statement on the delay on 10 December. By the sound of things, the studio might also announce a release date for the game during the statement too.

The studio has also urged Kickstarters to request a refund for the game if they want to. The delay will most likely leave a sour taste behind as early buyers now have to wait even longer to get their hands on SCORN. The developer update, in general, upset fans due to its hostile tone. So much so that Ebb Software had to issue an apology from the CEO for the update’s rude manner.

The Kickstarter blog, for some reason, calls out Cyberpunk 2077 saying that the game should have been delayed for a whole year. The update says that no amount of patches are going to fix or make Cyberpunk 2077 better. Not sure why they mentioned this in the first place.

The post goes on to explain the “problem of Hype” and money matters. Lastly, the studio also responds to the lack of updates saying that fans should ask for a refund if they are unhappy with the number of updates provided by the studio.

And for the end, a bit of friendly advice: If lack of communication is so bothersome just ask for a refund and be done with it. It’s just a game. You can play it when it’s out if you are still interested.

Of course, this hasn’t gone down well with fans who funded the project. After the rude post was published, a lot of early backers requested refunds for the project. Users agree that the post was rude and its “don’t bother us, ask for a refund” attitude was offputting. Anyway, SCORN is without a release date now. We will update you when we hear more.

Source: Kickstarter

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