It is not the first time we have seen Echo appear in Overwatch. During BlizzCon 2018, Blizzard revealed that she would be arriving in the game but at some point but instead of adding her to the roster back then, the developers claimed she was not ready. Fans have been eagerly waiting for Echo to arrive in Overwatch and they don’t have long to wait anymore as she is now officially the 32nd playable hero in-game.

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So far, the reveal has only shown off Echo’s origin giving us a glimpse at how this advanced robot was created. We don’t know much about Echo’s abilities, weapons or when she will be available but her backstory and how Blizzard has already merged her into the world of Overwatch is quite interesting indeed.

Echo was actually inside the payload in Route 66 this whole time before being removed right before the release of the Reunion animated short. She was being transported from the Hulburt Field to David-Monthan Air Force Base.

Long after the disbandment of Overwatch, Echo was being transported in a crate on a military freight train. The train was derailed by the Deadlock Gang, but they were incapacitated by McCree. He then proceeded to reactivate her. She was unaware of how much time had passed, and was taken aback to see that McCree’s left arm had been replaced by a cybernetic graft. He evaded telling her the details, but informed her of Winston’s recall of Overwatch agents, that while he’d been summoned, she was the one that Overwatch needed. He then departed on a hoverbike, saying that he had some business of his own to attend to.[1]

Blizzard is said to reveal the abilities and powers of Echo in an upcoming Overwatch video soon. In the meantime, watch her backstory video;

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