EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra

EcoFlow Announces Delta Pro Ultra and Smart Home Panel 2

EcoFlow has announced two major new products at CES 2024 which might come in handy. The EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra is a new large-scale battery backup designed for both extended outages and daily use. The unit is rather impressive and packs a capacity of 6kWh with an output of 7200W and 5.6kWh of solar input.

EcoFlow says the new Delta Pro Ultra can power an entire home. You can also stack them together to expand on your backup and the device has also been designed to be moved around with ease. EcoFlow says the Deltra Pro Ultra can grow from a single unit at 6kWh to a massive 90kWh expansion if you need it. That is a lot of battery power. It can back up a standard home for up to a month.

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With 7200W output, a single unit can run your entire home, including large home appliances like HVAC systems. When combined with EcoFlow’s new Smart Home Panel 2, the system can be scaled up to 21.6kW of output, enough to power the largest, most demanding households. The DELTA Pro Ultra can be charged through AC power, solar panels and gas generators, offering maximum flexibility and extended backup time.

This creates a highly resilient energy solution, providing users with peace of mind in any scenario. For solar users, the DELTA Pro Ultra seamlessly integrates with both existing rooftop solar systems and flexible solar panels, featuring solar input from 5.6kW up to 16.8kW.

EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra

Alongside the EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra, the company also announced a new Smart Home Panel 2. This new panel fully integrates into the new Delta Pro Ultra and allows for an auto switch-over from grid to backup. EcoFlow says the panel also optimizes energy use and gives users an overview of their current feed.

With Smart Home Panel 2, users can experience uninterrupted power backup with automatic switchover, energy consumption monitoring, charging scheduling and lower electricity bills – all controlled via the EcoFlow app. The panel provides 12 loads of circuit-level control for managing individual appliances separately, offering complete access to whole-house energy usage. The intelligent Storm Guard feature, powered by Weatherbit, automatically monitors weather to prioritize power backup in case of an approaching storm.

EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra

The EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra will only launch in the United States and Japan at first. It will retail from $4999. The Smart Home Panel 2 will also launch in limited regions and cost $1599. It is expected to launch in February. No word on a local launch yet. We will share more details as we know more.

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