Eduvos RGB Gaming Partnership Esports Teams

Eduvos Launches Esports Teams in Partnership With RGB Gaming

Eduvos has partnered with RGB Gaming to bring esports to various campuses around South Africa, though the project will only be implemented at some of Eduvos’ 12 campuses for now. Plans are in place to expand to all campuses over the next year. The esports initiative will provide further academic opportunities for STEM students where teams must analyse data, review strategies and learn computer hardware and software.

While esports is mostly focused on online games in a competitive space, its various attributes also fosters community and inclusivity. Eduvos and RGB Gaming are aiming to introduce esports as a regular part of the campus experience now, highlighting the sport’s team-based collaboration between team members which builds the ability to strategise and adapt to changes quickly during games while communicating with others.

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Dr Riaan Steenberg, a board member of the NedEd group under which Eduvos falls, stated:

“Eduvos is embracing new technology and believes in providing its student a future facing pathway for success. Esports is a medium in which we want to enable the African games market with the more than 2000 developers that leave our programmes annually. We are also excited with our partners about the job creation of esports on the continent as a growing medium to enable African voices and stories.”

Jaco Sauer, the GM for RGB Gaming, expressed the importance of organically integrating esports into higher education:

“RGB Gaming, with our focus on education, understand that higher education is a critical part of the transformation. We do not view this transformation of esports in education as having a start and end point but rather as a journey or a lifecycle of which higher education is a part. One of the core focuses of the esports transformation in education is after all providing guidance on future career, innovation and entrepreneur opportunities, and what a better place to focus on this than in higher education.”

Eduvos RGB Gaming Partnership Esports Teams
RGB Gaming’s School Tournament at rAge Expo 2022
Eduvos RGB Gaming Partnership Esports Teams
RGB Gaming’s School Tournament at rAge Expo 2022

Students in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) will benefit a lot from esports and hone their skills but this extends to fashion, graphic design and government policies that have all been influenced by esports overall. Students from different faculties will learn valuable skills in these fields that they can apply to their studies.

Eduvos is making several leaps into the future and embracing technology as part of its curriculum. The institution also partnered with EON Reality to incorporate Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality into its teaching, which will begin from the fourth block of 2023.

Eduvos plans to appear at more local events throughout the year for those who wish to find out more about what it will offer through its esports drive. Visit the official Eduvos website for further information.

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