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Eduvos Leads The Way in South African Esports Education

Are you passionate about gaming? Do you dream of turning your love for esports into a lucrative career? Look no further than Eduvos, South Africa’s award-winning provider of private higher education. Eduvos is not just shaping potential – it’s shaping the future of esports.

Eduvos Esports League: Your Path to Glory

Join the ranks of Eduvos’ 11,500 students (Vossies) across 12 campuses as you compete in the subscription-based Eduvos Esports League. With weekly access, competitive gameplay and a chance to climb the league table, your skills will be put to the test like never before. Plus, with exclusive access to events like Comic Con, rAge and Africa Games Week, you’ll have the opportunity to showcase your talents on the biggest stages.

Take to The World Stage at Comic Con

Eduvos South African Esports Education

Get ready to immerse yourself in a world where pixels meet passion and fantasy blends with reality at Comic Con. From the creators of iconic superheroes to the architects of digital realms, Comic Con Cape Town and Comic Con Africa celebrate the intersection of gaming, comics and pop culture. Eduvos, in partnership with gaming pioneers, RGB Gaming, will take centre stage with esports tournaments, gameplay and immersive experiences. Vossies will have exclusive access and the opportunity to showcase your talents on the biggest stages.

Jaco Sauer, General Manager at RGB Gaming, says:

“We recognise the influential combination of education and gaming as dynamic drivers for growth, innovation, and individual advancement. This partnership with Eduvos isn’t solely about displaying our love for gaming; it’s about emphasising the harmonious fusion of education and entertainment. Through this collaboration, we aim to nurture a platform that cultivates the upcoming generation of gamers, creators, and trailblazers for this industry.”

Forge Your Future With Gaming Qualifications

Eduvos South African Esports Education

Eduvos offers two cutting-edge gaming qualifications designed to kickstart your career in esports. With a curriculum crafted by industry experts, these qualifications open doors to further studies and career opportunities in gaming and beyond. Find out more and enrol to study a Higher Certificate in Information Systems (Game Design & Development), or a Higher Certificate in Computing (GameCraft & Development).

Executive Director at Eduvos, Dr. Riaan Steenberg, says:

“At Eduvos, we believe that education holds the key to unlocking Africa’s potential in the 4IR. We recognise that the world is changing, and with it, the traditional notions of education. Most parents are worried about how their children that are spending all their time gaming will make a living one day. By bringing students into a social context with supported learning we are creating future business-oriented gaming developers that can capitalise on growing the African industry.”

Game Jam: Where Creativity Meets Opportunity

Unleash your creativity and compete in our biannual Game Jam and Hackathon with the chance to receive mentoring from RGB Gaming, students will get the chance to build a custom game on Unreal Engine. It doesn’t stop there, as Eduvos will support gamers by launching their games at key industry events. With invaluable exposure and industry experience, Eduvos is your gateway to commercial success in the gaming world.

Eduvos South African Esports Education

Join The Eduvos Family Today

Don’t just play games – turn your passion into a profession with Eduvos. With their industry-leading programmes, expert faculty, and unmatched opportunities, the sky’s the limit for your esports career. Enrol now and unlock your potential with Eduvos. Visit the Eduvos website for more information.

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