Elden Ring Invader Called Will Smith is Slapping Players and Leaving

"Just stand there and take it"

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Elden Ring Invader Called Will Smith is Slapping Players and Leaving

It has now been over a week since Will Smith and Chris Rock made history with the iconic Academy Awards slap. If you missed it, Will Smith walked onto the stage during Chris Rock’s show segment and slapped him across the face for joking about his wife Jada’s autoimmune disease. The event ignited internet memes and now even Elden Ring players are mocking it.

An Elden Ring invader has taken it upon themselves to give players the Will Smith treatment. Players are reporting that an invader by the name of Will Smith has been invading games, slapping players and leaving immediately afterwards.

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A clip shows off the invasion below. A player named WILL SMITH enters the game, slowly approaches another player, gives them one hard slap across the face and walks away. The player has also made sure to name themselves “WILL SMITH” in capital letters too. Making it clear who they are and why they have entered the game.

The only thing missing in this invasion is Will Smith telling the player to keep his wife’s name out of his damn mouth.

dude just slap me and left from Eldenring

The latest invasion adds to the many crazy things happening in Elden Ring over the past few weeks. Players have completed the game without taking any damage at all. They have broken speedrun records and even merged Tekken 7 with Elden Ring characters. What a time to be alive.

Source: Reddit

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