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Elden Ring Modder adds Viral Binley Mega Chippy

An Elden Ring modder has only gone and added the viral Binley Mega Chippy store into From Software’s latest action RPG. The chip shop, which has gone viral, now walks amongst The Lands Between as the Walking Mausoleum’s that the Tarnished can interact with.

The crazy part of it all is that no one really knows why Binley Mega Chippy became a viral TikTok meme, with people even flying all the way from Australia just to get an order. In saying this, there isn’t many other examples of PC gaming than watching an animated hero run across a desolate environment, preparing to face off again a colossal internet-meme-turned-villain.

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PCGamesN picked up modder and YouTuber ToastedShoes uploaded a short clip of the mod to Twitter and Reddit, which showcases the mod (by Garden of Eyes). In the clip, we see Homer Simpson, Elden Lord, riding toward the Binley Mega Chippy Mausoleum with a catchy upbeat remix of “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow” – about as obscure as the mod itself. We would be interested to see what we can duplicate inside the Binley Mega Chippy Mausoleum, given that they normally duplicate remembrances.

ToastedShoes has stated that they will be showcasing a full-length view of the mod, which we are definitely looking forward to if only to see how our lord and saviour, Homer Simpson, fares against the forces of a mega chip shop. To date, we aren’t sure if this mod will go public, as creator Garden of Eyes typically creates bespoke mods.

But why stop your modding journey there? You could always tackle The Lands Between in VR, make the game even harder for yourself – like the psychopathic masochist you are – with the aptly named Prepare To Die mod, or even take fashion-Souls to a whole new level with the transmog mod.

Source: PCGamesN

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