Elden Ring Nude Mod Does Exactly What it Says

"Because clothes are overrated"

Elden Ring Nude Mod
Elden Ring Nude Mod Does Exactly What it Says

If you’re tired of seeing your armour and clothing while exploring the Lands Between, you can now download and install a nude mod that lets you see your backside instead. Modder Sakura4 has released the Elden Ring nude mod that replaces that game’s base character model with a new naked version.

Usually, nude mods are easy to find but Elden Ring has been out for two weeks and this version marks only the second mod available for the game. We don’t know if this is because of the game’s complexity making it a challenge to mod or because modders are simply being doing other things with the game.

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If you are interested in downloading the Elden Ring nude mod then head on over to NexusMods. Keep in mind that you will need to create an account in order to access the mod. Free accounts cannot access NSFW content on NexusMods.

Once created, you can find the Elden Ring nude mod here and download it. Instruction to install the mod are quite simple. However, you will need to disable the EAC anti-cheat program and play the game in offline mode in order to use it too.

  • Download UXM for Elden Ring. Extracting game files.
  • 2. Back up the original game files corresponding to the mod files. Replace the files in the ‘ELDEN RING\Game\parts’ with the files in the mod_files folder.
  • Create a new text file with the name steam_appid.txt in the game directory (steamapps\common\ELDEN RING\Game) and enter the following number: 1245620. You can only start the game from the game directory by running eldenring.exe, not through Steam.

Grab the mod here.

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