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Elden Ring PC Mod Adds Transmog System

Elden Ring PC mod new mod introduces a transmog system for armour, allowing you to alter your appearance without sacrificing any of your stats.

Elden Ring is as much about fashion as it is about challenging bosses and dungeon crawling, which the new PC transmog mod addresses. With the mod, players can wear whatever armour they want, making sure they keep up with the latest fashion, without having to worry about silly old things like stats and perks.

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The transmog system is something that has been requested by Elden Ring fans since its announcement, as we all know that it as important to look and feel good, because that adds confidence, which you need to take on some of the more intense areas of the game. Do you need armour to actually counteract some damage? Sure, but, what is more important, is how you look doing it.

The mod comes from NexusMods user pelooleq, and in a marvelous feat, is even their first mod – and what a debut mod it is.

“Want to look classy without sacrificing your stats? Finish the game with your starting armour skin, or with this armour you like? This mod is for you!!!”

The mod is quite clever in how it works, in that it removes the stats of the armour you wished to have attached to your character, and adds them to one of three talismans – light, medium, and heavy. The talisman will then also have the weight of the original armour attached to it so you will still need to account for that. Essentially, the talisman becomes your actual stat set, and the armour you wear is just fashionable. You can see how each talisman is affected below.

Elden Ring Transmog Stats

Pelooleq stated they “imagined several solutions to set up this mod, the ideal would be to make endurance directly increase defences, immunities and poise, but I don’t know how to go about it. If anyone has an idea, I’m a taker”. They also warned that using this mod will replace three specific talismans in the game, which we won’t mention for spoilers, so there are some sacrifices to be made – nothing in comparison to looking super fly, though.

Its important to understand as well, that this mod may cause issues with Elden Ring’s anti-cheat system, and I haven’t tested this mod out for myself as yet, so use this mod with caution. As with other mods that have come out, you might need to simply play offline in order to avoid the anti-cheat system. We recommend that you always keep a backup of the original game’s files somewhere handy, so that you can simply restore it, if something goes terribly wrong.

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Source: NexusMods

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