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Elden Ring Speedrunner Beats Game in Under 20 Minutes

Since the release of From Software’s latest RPG, Elden Ring, speedrunners have been attempting to set new world records by the day. This latest run is quite a feat as veteran Souls speedrunner Distortion2 managed to beat the game in under 20 minutes using an insane teleport glitch called “The Zip”.

Distortion2, who is no stranger to speedrunning From Software games, recently published his speedrun that beat Elden Ring in 18 minutes and 57 seconds. The key to this Any% run was using a teleport glitch called The Zip, which allows players to instantly teleport across the map in a bizarre way.

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The Zip isn’t an easy exploit to trigger either, as it requires players to guard and move forward at very specific intervals. They also need to be facing the exact direction they wish to teleport to. According to many speedrunners, it’s an incredibly difficult glitch to successfully pull off, but Distortion2 seems to have a very good grasp of it.

In the run, you can see the speedrunner use The Zip to teleport to various locations on Elden Ring‘s map, going from Limgrave’s opening section to Stormhill in less than three seconds, and then from there to Liurnia of the Lakes in record time.

The rest of the speedrun involves beating key bosses that are specifically tied to the story progression such as Maliketh the Black Blade and the final boss, Radagon of the Golden Order. Certain items are also collected such as Smithing Stones to make battles a little easier.

As impressive as this run is, other speedrunners will likely attempt to surpass it soon – often by just a few seconds. The community is quite competitive, especially in these crucial stages where others continue to look for more insane ways to beat Elden Ring in the fastest times possible.

Elden Ring is now available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC. Watch Distortion2’s full speedrun below.

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