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Elden Ring Streamer Plays Game Upside Down With a Steering Wheel

We’ve seen Elden Ring streamers and speedrunners perform some extraordinary feats on their mission to beat From Software’s challenging open-world RPG. Everything from using a dance pad to using actual brain signals, players in the community have found creative ways to take on the game. This latest feat comes from a streamer who is playing the game upside down, backwards and with a steering wheel.

Elden Ring player Zestypineapples is tackling the game with a steering wheel. That wouldn’t be too out of the ordinary (at least in terms of weird ways to play Elden Ring), but the player takes it up a notch by playing backwards while upside down. They’ve restricted themselves from using summons and recently just managed to defeat Placidusax and a large number of bosses in the game.

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Zestypineapples’s challenge is proving to be quite formidable but beating the entire game using this strange method is not impossible. If he does manage to accomplish this, he’ll join a list of streamers who used rather unconventional methods to beat the game since playing with a standard controller just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Elden Ring might not be From Software’s most challenging game (the community largely agrees that Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is the pinnacle of the developer’s difficulty) but it does come with a fair bit of challenges and obstacles to overcome. Malenia is often seen as the developer’s hardest boss to date and is a major turning point for most Elden Ring players using weird and unique restrictions and tools to play.

While the upside down steering wheel challenge still has a long way to go before reaching the late game’s more difficult encounters and bosses, it’s pretty incredible to see this unfold. You can watch the player beat Placidusax below:

Source: Zestypineapples

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