Elden Ring Streamer Perrikaryal Brain Signals Malenia
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Elden Ring Streamer Uses Brain Signals to Beat Malenia

An Elden Ring streamer is using brain signals as a controller to beat the game. Streamer and psychology graduate perrikaryal started playing Elden Ring a few months ago using rather unconventional methods and just recently beat Malenia. Through a brain imaging device, the player is able to monitor their brain activity live on-screen which is then mapped to controls. Essentially, if they imagine it, then it happens.

We’ve seen players use pretty extreme methods to play Elden Ring, the critically acclaimed and challenging From Software action-RPG. We previously reported on a streamer that used a dance pad and controller to play two playthroughs of the game simultaneously, beating two Malenias in the process. Now, someone has been playing Elden Ring using nothing but sheer brain power. We can’t believe it either.

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Streamer perrikaryal used an EEG (a brain imaging device) to check their brain activity on-screen. Through sensors attached to their heads, the device picks up on electrical activity in the streamer’s brain, made conductive by saline solution. Basically, perrikaryal trained the device to recognise certain states of the brain and map it to the attack key. If the streamer just imagines attacking an enemy, the device picks up on that and translates it to an actual attack in-game. Science!

The news is making headlines now because perrikaryal recently managed to defeat Malenia, arguably the most challenging boss in the game and in From Software’s history, using nothing but brain signals. If anything, this makes all other unconventional methods look tame in comparison. The streamer uses a controller to move but that’s the only exception. All other prompts such as attacking and healing is done through brain signals.

Elden Ring is bringing out great creativity from the community as the act of simply beating the game with a standard controller doesn’t quite cut it for some players – in return, we get mindblowing (no pun intended) accomplishments such as this one.

Elden Ring is currently available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Source: Perrikaryal (via Twitter)

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