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Elden Ring Will Have Co-Op, PvP and Class Features, Good News For RPG Fans

Elden Ring won’t be following the same gameplay loop as Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. According to a new report, the upcoming RPG will feature robust multiplayer modes including PvP and co-op. Both were absent from Sekiro.

Another feature that From Software left out of Sekiro was a character creation system whereby players could build a class-based character with stats and starter items. Elden Ring will bring that back. Sure, the lack of these systems in Sekiro made sense given the game’s narrative but RPG fans (like myself) missed the builds and multiple playthroughs.

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The report comes from proved and reliable industry insider named Omnipotent who shared details on ResetEra. The class system and multiplayer modes now join the likes of other confirmed features including the day/night cycle, open-world hubs and weather system. All of which were previously leaked a while back.

Earlier this week, we for our first glimpse at Elden Ring through a series of leaked trailers. It is hard to nail down some of the details in the game due to the shoddy quality of the footage. However, we did finally get to see the game in action. We saw some combat, boss fights, dragons, and a vibrant and colourful world which the player can explore on horseback. When the earlier leaks claimed that Elden Ring would be the biggest RPG From Software had ever made they were clearly correct.

Omnipotent also commented on the game’s recent trailer leak saying that the footage was not a controlled leak by the devs. In a forum post he said:

I’m going to avoid detailing how this happened, but I will say that this was neither a “controlled” nor “intentional” leak orchestrated by Bandai and Fromsoft to generate hype or something silly like that. It’s your usual run of the mill leak. This trailer was made by Bandai for internal use only and there’s a good chance From probably wasn’t even aware of it, let alone in control of it.

This specific trailer wasn’t intended to be viewed by the public at this or any other time as far as I can tell. I will also state that while I have heard that a reveal is in the works for “soon”(tm), this leak surfacing now is merely coincidental and isn’t an indication that anything is going to happen right this second. I doubt this “forces Bandai’s hand” into doing anything sooner than they want as it seems like they were already made aware of the situation prior to it going public anyway.

He also confirmed that the game’s colourful art style which was showcased in the trailer won’t be changing. Elden Ring is set to launch sometime in the future. However, according to reports, the game might not make a 2021 release due to delays caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. If you missed the trailer, check it out down below:

Elden Ring Trailer

Source: ResetEra

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