Elden Ring Hidden Difficult Optional Bosses From Software

Elden Ring Will Have Difficult Hidden Optional Bosses

Elden Ring, the upcoming open-world action-RPG from From Software and George R.R. Martin, is close to release. The developers have stated that there will be a fairer difficulty balance this time, but also stated that it will contain hidden and very difficult optional bosses throughout its world.

Speaking with Gamer Braves recently, Elden Ring producer Yasuhiro Kitao talked about several topics from difficulty balancing to open-world activities. However, while the difficulty is being retooled for greater accessibility to new players, there will still be several difficult hidden optional bosses to encounter while out exploring.

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Kitao talked about Elden Ring‘s Network Test and how players reacted to Margit the Fell Omen, with many apparently saying the encounter was “too hard.” However, he reassured veteran players that they will still be challenged by a myriad of optional bosses hidden throughout the world:

“In terms of bosses that are unessential and optional and hidden, there are some of these that we have deliberately increased the challenge for those players who want to seek out this kind of experience. Hopefully if you’re that way inclined, you can seek out some really tough challenges hidden away in the world.”

This should sound familiar to fans who’ve played any previous From Software title, as they usually include incredibly difficult bosses as optional or hidden encounters. For example, Martyr Logarius from Bloodborne was a hidden boss encounter and arguably one of the toughest of the game. In Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, you could miss an entire optional area packed with difficult boss battles.

For Elden Ring, the open-world design this time presents several opportunities for finding hidden boss fights that will test players in several grueling ways. However, the game will also encourage exploration. If players should encounter one of these hidden bosses in the world, they have the option to not engage them and return once they’re strong enough and have levelled up.

Elden Ring launches on 25 February 2022 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.


Source: Gamer Braves

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