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Elder Scrolls Online Boss Open to Idea of Live-Action Movie

The live-action Fallout TV series from producer Jonathan Nolan is currently in production, though The Elder Scrolls franchise has yet to get any attention as a live-action adaptation. However, The Elder Scrolls Online boss Rich Lambert says he’s open to the idea of a live-action movie but doesn’t know how it would be handled, especially considering the amount of lore and history from the games.

Speaking with Dexerto in a recent interview, Lambert briefly talked about the possibility of a live-action Elder Scrolls movie. It’s certainly not out of the question and a lot could be riding on the reception of the Fallout TV series before Bethesda considers more live-action outings. When asked about an Elder Scrolls movie, Lambert stated, “I think it would be cool if we could do it. I just don’t know how we would.”

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Bethesda has never openly expressed interest in turning The Elder Scrolls into a live-action movie or TV adaptation yet. With five acclaimed single-player games deep (not to mention the staggering amount of content and lore that The Elder Scrolls Online also brings to the table), it could be tricky to balance everything in a movie format, especially with a limited run time. A TV show format would serve it better as it will give the lengthy stories from the games enough time to develop properly.

The “curse” of live-action video game adaptations was, according to many fans, broken with HBO’s The Last of Us – a critically acclaimed first season that’s nominated for several awards at the moment. Fans are hopeful that Jonathan Nolan’s Fallout series will also deliver the same positive buzz.

In related news, leaked Microsoft documents revealed that The Elder Scrolls 6 will not be coming to PS5 after all in addition to estimating a launch sometime in 2026. The anticipated game officially entered early development shortly after the launch of Starfield.

Source: Dexerto

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