Electronic Arts Could Be Returning to Steam
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Back in 2011 when Electronic Arts launched Origin, the publisher pulled Crysis 2 from Steam and it caused quite a big debate. The publisher decided to not release Battlefield 3 on Steam and since then, all first-party Electronic Arts games have been Origin exclusives on PC. Now, it looks like Electronic Arts could be returning to Valve’s platform.

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Electronic Arts haven’t confirmed any details, but the publisher did tweet a clip of an EA-branded cup with steam coming out of it, which makes things pretty obvious. At the time of writing, EA hasn’t said anything about a release date or which of their titles this will entail.

From the looks of it, EA will let gamers buy their first-party titles on Steam, but you will still need to run the games via the Origin launcher. Twitter user “Iashman” also recently found a test application for running Origin games from Steam, further signifying that Electronic Arts could be coming back to Steam in a big way.

It remains to be seen if EA will be making all their past, present and future games available on Valve’s digital distribution platform or if only certain games will be coming. However, it is a great move by EA as we all know how much PC gamers love Valve.

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Are you excited for EA games making their way to Steam and which games, new and old, would you rather purchase on the digital distribution platform from Valve than from Origin? Let us know in the comment section below.






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