Elon Musk to Release Fart and Galloping Horses Sounds for Tesla Horns

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Elon Musk to Release Fart and Galloping Horses Sounds for Tesla Horns

Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed he wants the electric car company to offer custom downloadable hooter and movement sounds in the future. Elon also revealed these would come in the form of coconuts (to simulate horse gallops), farting sounds and goat bleats.

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According to the new US law, from September next year, all-electric cars will need to emit an artificial noise when travelling under 30km/h to make up for the lack of engine noises one would hear when the car is near. This is to avoid any nasty pedestrian accidents that may occur.

Tesla began adding sounds to the Model 3 last month after the law was passed in the States which complies with the new US rules for custom sounds in vehicles.

But while the US is lenient on these restrictions, other countries like the EU simply won’t allow the car’s sound to pass regulations unless it sounds similar to the sound of a vehicle with an internal combustion engine. Basically, this rules out all custom sounds unless they sound like a petrol or diesel engine.

Even though Tesla is not arriving in SA anytime soon, we also have horn sound restrictions which rule that all car sounds need to have a specific pitch when hooting and cannot be customized otherwise. This means we would not be able to make use of these custom sounds should Tesla ever release here.

It must be a cool feature to wait for is you are looking to pick up a Tesla. To have your car sound like a galloping horse that farts when you press the hooter could be quite a traffic-stopper. Elon Musk also replied to a few suggestions saying he would consider them. This includes jungle and rainforest sounds and of course a clown horn sound.

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