Eskom Stops Stage 6 Loadshedding and Explains The Stages – 10 December Update

Last night at 18:00 (9 December 2019) Eskom implemented Stage 6 loadshedding for the first time ever, plunging South Africa even further into the darkness. The power utility got absolutely slammed on social media, especially in the Stage 6 loadshedding announcement tweet. At 22:00 on 9 December, Eskom reverted back to Stage 4 loadshedding.

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Eskom is implementing Stage 4 loadshedding until 23:00 tonight.

Update Ends:

At the time of writing on 10 December, loadshedding continues and nobody has any idea when it will end or if it will move to a lower stage today. We will have to wait and see until Eskom gives an update for today and we will update this article (if we have power) with the latest news so that our readers can charge their gaming equipment and plan through this absolute mess.

To make things worse, some local municipalities (including Nelson Mandela Bay) didn’t have anything above stage 4 in their schedule and the Eskom website went down, so people couldn’t even plan.

While this issue continues and with the 4-hour implementation of stage 6 yesterday (it can go up to stage 8 just in case you were wondering), Eskom tried to explain the principles of the stages in an image, which you can view below.

Check out our handy “Gamer’s guide to loadshedding” if you need some help with working around the issue. As always, remember to check your area’s schedule and turn off gaming equipment around 15 minutes before it starts. Unplug your devices just in case they have trouble turning the power back on, which Eskom explained last week can take up to 30 minutes longer than the scheduled time.

Image Credit: Reddit

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What do you think about Eskom’s Stage 6 loadshedding yesterday and how long do you think this whole crisis will last in South Africa? Let us know in the comment section below.

Gaming | Mobile | Eskom Stops Stage 6 Loadshedding and Explains The Stages – 10 December Update
Gaming | Mobile | Eskom Stops Stage 6 Loadshedding and Explains The Stages – 10 December Update






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