EU Requires USB Type-C on Most Electronic Devices now

In what seems to be the first step in seeing the return of a universal charging port on portable electrical devices, the EU will now enforce that most electronic devices within the region feature a USB Type-C charging port by 2024. The new law will include smartphones, laptops, tablets, and cameras (amongst others), which will all need to adopt USB Type-C as the charging port.

The new regulation does state that laptops will only be required to operate with USB Type C from 2027, which does make sense due to designs and production. The universal charging solution was ratified under the amended Radio Equipment Directive, and aims to reduce electronic waste, make the EU more sustainable, as well as make everyone’s life more convenient.

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While many electronic products have already started the shift to a standard USB Type-C charging solution, one company, in particular, is still operating with an array of charging options across its devices. Apple currently uses three different charging ports across its device list, with the iPhone still using the Lightning port, Macbooks using Type C (some of them), and the iPad using its own proprietary charger. Although their devices have been slowly adopting Type-C, these kinds of regulations would make it simpler going forward across the board.

Although, this is not the first time that we have been faced with this kind of problem. Back when USB charging was becoming more prevalent, it seemed every device was chopping and changing between USB Type A, then Micro USB, then Micro USB Type-A and so on – it was a nightmare. Thankfully, while we have seen manufacturers organically shifting towards centralised charging solutions, it’s great that the EU has taken the first step to make it mandatory.

The new regulation will also cover things like fast charging which means that devices will be able to utilise fast charging (if they can) across most chargers, rather than just the one you are provided with. Further, the law will allow customers to choose whether they would like a charger included with their new device which is perfectly reasonable if you already have a working, standardised charger. This is not the same as a company mentioned that does not provide a charger at all and forces you to buy a new one at a ridiculous price.

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