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Even Capcom Knew Resident Evil 3 Remake Wasn’t Worth $60

The Resident Evil 3 remake was sold for $60 despite warnings from Capcom’s own marketing team that the amount of content didn’t justify a full price tag. According to a leaked document showing slides during Resident Evil 3 remake’s development, Capcom were fully aware of the warnings, but still went ahead with the premium pricing.

As reported by Exputer, Capcom’s internal marketing team warned the company about the slim content for Resident Evil 3‘s anticipated remake which launched last year, regardless of the original’s game own short length. The team recommended a lower price range, stating, “regardless of the original title length, 5-6 hours is very lean for a single-player game – CEE recommends mid-price range.”

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Unlike Resident Evil 2‘s remake which launched with Leon and Claire’s A and B scenario campaigns in addition to multiple other modes on offer after you completed the game, the remake of Resident Evil 3 didn’t deliver nearly as much content. When players completed the 5-6 hour campaign, there was little else to do other than replay it on higher or lower difficulties for extra rewards or points to unlock new items, rinse and repeat.

The marketing team pointed out the game’s short length, stating:

“Much has been spoken about the volume of the single player portion. To verify we’re still looking at around 5 hours for a standard playthrough? Aside from the multiplayer game, are there any replayability modes or features planned for the single player side?”

The Resident Evil 3 remake came under fire on release when players addressed the lack of content accompanying the $60 game. It didn’t offer extra modes apart from the asymmetrical multiplayer mode Resistance, which failed to acquire a decent player base.

Granted, this fault is also present in the original game on PlayStation 1, which only included the 5-6 campaign as well. However, since this was a remake and sold at a higher price, fans at least expected Capcom to add more value for money to the experience overall. This resulted in lackluster sales for the game which performed well under Capcom’s expectations. Fortunately, Resident Evil 3 remake is often sold at a steep discount now during sales across PlayStation, Xbox and PC platforms.

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Source: Exputer

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