Everything Included in the Free-To-Play Destiny 2: New Light Game
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If you have never played Destiny 2 up to this point, you will be able to do so now at no cost at all. Destiny 2: New Light is a brand-new free-to-play model of the popular sci-fi shooter and comes with a load of free content for you to enjoy. This all ties into the launch of Destiny 2: Shadowkeep so if you are not jumping into the new and paid expansion, you can enjoy a lot of the game’s original content for free.

Destiny 2: New Light also marks the move to Steam so you can now download the game on your preferred gaming client right now.

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But what does this content include? Bungie highlighted all the free activities that you will be able to participate in while playing Destiny 2: New Light.

The content includes;

  • Crucible 
    • All the maps including ones that came with paid expansions
  • Strikes
    • Year 1 strikes and Year 1 Nightfalls
  • Raids
    • Year 1 Raids including Leviathan, Spire of Stars, Eater of Worlds
  • Dungeons
    • Year 1 and Year 2 Dungeons including Whisper of the Worm, Zero Hour and Outbreak Perfected
  • In-Game Events
    • Includes rotating events like Iron Banner, Festival of the Lost, The Dawning, Crimson Days, The Revelry, Solstice of Heroes and other timed-events.
  • Gambit
    • Players will be able to play in this PvPvE game mode even though it was included in Destiny 2: Forsaken.
  • Patrol Zone
    • Players will be able to visit and explore all Patrol Zones in Destiny 2 including places they don’t own the expansion for like the Dreaming City and Shadowkeep’s Moon. There will be restrictions in place for what content they can participate in.
  • Story missions
    • Players will be able to play through an abundance of story missions including the entire Red War campaign, and the Curse of Osiris and Warmind expansions.
  • Black Armoury Forge
    • Forge unique weapons in the Black Armour in this Year 2 content.
  • Gambit Prime
    • Players will be able to experience this Year 2 version of Gambit and obtain unique loot to build a unique Gambit Prime armour set with specific perks for the game mode
  • The Reckoning
    • Players can fight through the enemies of The Reckoning for armour to help them in Gambit Prime.
  • The Menagerie
    • Players can visit the Menagerie as they participate in this PvE activity to complete challenges inside the Leviathan to level up their chalice and unlock unique weapons and loot
  • Year 1 Exotics
    • Players in Destiny 2: New Light will be able to obtain all exotics from Year 1 but not any from Year 2. In order to be able to obtain these, players will have to purchase the Forsaken content
  • Artefacts
    • This new feature coming with Destiny 2: Shadowkeep gives players bonus mods and powers through XP gains. New Light owners will be able to benefit from this too.
  • Season Rank
    • New Light players will have access to the “free tier” season rank rewards which is Destiny 2’s new take on a battle pass system. Players can obtain guns, armour and other loot from this ranking system by simply playing the game.

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So there you have it. Even with Destiny 2: Shadowkeep releasing this week, players who just want to experience the game for the first time will have an abundance of content to chew through.

Are you picking up Destiny 2: New Light on Steam to give the game a try? Let us know down below. Make sure to check out our guide on all the new exciting things coming to Shadowkeep and 5 ways you can prepare you Guardians for the release of the game on 1 October 2019.






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