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Everything You Might Have Missed in The New Mass Effect Teaser

Yesterday marked N7 Day. The day is set aside to celebrate the Mass Effect series and everything it has accomplished over its lifetime (not you, Andromeda). We know that BioWare is working on a new Mass Effect game alongside the next Dragon Age: Dreadwolf but we haven’t seen much of the game up to now. BioWare shared new information on the project for N7 Day confirming that it is still in very early pre-production. The studio also showcased a tease video that has sent fans scrambling around in search of clues.

The 25-second clip shows a giant mass effect relay being built in space. If you played the series you would know that these mass effect relays are created to send ships into the far reaches of space. This one isn’t functional just yet. The clip includes its own background sounds too.

This isn’t the first time we have seen this exact mass relay. In fact, in 2020 fans claim that it was already included in the BioWare artbook. Fans also suggest that the relay is being built by the human-supremacist group Cerberus. The “MR7” on the side of the construction also suggests that this is the seventh relay to be created.

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The video is also ridden with teasers. During the clip we see a ship hovering in the lower right corner. Fans are torn on what ship this could be. Some say it is the Normandy while others say it is the Tempest from Andromeda. Others say it could be the Mud Skipper which is the ship revealed during last year’s teaser image. However, there’s also a blur that travels across the screen at the six-second mark. Fans claim that the blur might be the Normandy as it was the only ship that features cloaking technology. They say the cloaking tech is causing the blur in the video.

Mass Effect

The numbers at the bottom of the screen also tell their own story. 11_07_90_000_1000-2013313 can be interpreted in many ways. Some say the footage is from the year 2190. This clip would be set four years after the Reapers were destroyed at the end of Mass Effect 3. Other fans say the numbers interpret as 314 which is a reference to relay 314. This was the discovery that marked the “First Contact Wars” and took place before the events of the original Mass Effect.

There’s also a voice in the video clip. One fan cleaned it up and it turns out to be Liara T’Soni saying “Exactly, the Council will be furious. Although they should know by now not to underestimate. Although, they should know by now not to underestimate human defiance!” 

The clip then becomes a bunch of Geth sounds. Liara’s comment confirms that the Reaper invasion didn’t cause the planets to fall and that the Council seems to still be intact. This is also confirmed by the title of the file which implies it is from the Systems Alliance, the galactic governing body from the original three games.

There’s a lot to think about after watching this clip. When is the new Mass Effect game set? How is Liara still around if the game is set after the events of Andromeda? Whatever BioWare is planning, it definitely has fans scratching their heads. Watch the clip below for yourself.

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