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Ex Bethesda Dev Says Starfield Has an ‘Overabundance’ of Content

Bethesda Game Studios is hard at work on their next major RPG, Starfield, which will take players to space. A former Bethesda developer has now shared more details about the upcoming game, including it having an “overabundance of content” as well as a great lighting engine, a charismatic leader in Todd Howard and much more.

Verified Character Artist Hevy008 took to ResetEra recently to discuss their time working at Bethesda. Apparently, Hevy008 finished working at the company last week, and was able to provide some insight into Starfield‘s development and working with the team as well as its improved engine.

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Hevy008 first talked about how good it was to work at Bethesda, but quickly cited that the engine they were using was “crap” (they later clarified this was from a developer usability standpoint). However, they quickly praised the game’s lighting, though said it wasn’t as impressive as something like Horizon Forbidden West.

The next bit of information was quite substantial as it reveals that Starfield‘s development lead to some cut content, but despite this, it will ship with a lot of content. According to the developer, “probably too much” content.

Hevy008’s full statement reads:

“It was a cool solid place to work, very secure. The engine is a piece of crap though. Todd is a charismatic guy for sure. Starfield is looking good, weekly Thursday playtest since the beginning of the year, more and more stuff coming online. Shooting feels alright, flying is terrible at the moment in my opinion, just not fun to me.

Lighting and stuff is looking better and better, though it’s not on the level of Horizon Forbidden West or anything like that but still a good looking game. In terms of if it will ship on time, well they will try that’s for sure, they’ll cut what they did to etc, they have an overabundance of content, probably too much, so that’s not the issue, finding the fun and of course bug fixing is the big thing. It’s a sexy date though and you only get one of those, beta is this summer, that’s when the picture will truly become clear.”

They ended off by stating that a Starfield beta is apparently coming this summer which will give us an idea of what the game actually is. So far, Bethesda has kept most of its updates on Starfield small and relegated to concept art teases without any concrete gameplay. That will surely change soon as the game’s end-of-year release date approaches.

Starfield is currently in development for Xbox Series X/S and PC and releases on 11 November 2022. It will also launch day one on Xbox Game Pass.

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