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Ex-Bethesda Director Ikumi Nakamura Reveals New Studio

Former Bethesda game director Ikumi Nakamura has revealed her new studio called Unseen. In an interview with IGN, Nakamura explained her goals for a multicultural work environment, as well as making games primarily focused on her interest in horror and the supernatural.

Ikumi Nakamura’s Unseen game studio will work on games centered around horror, mystery, sci-fi and the supernatural. The former Bethesda director broke away from the publisher after briefly working on Ghostwire: Tokyo as its ex-creative director alongside producer Shinji Mikami at Tango Gameworks.

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Nakamura’s previous credits include working as an artist on The Evil Within games and former creative director on Ghostwire: Tokyo. Before that, she also worked as an artist on Okami at Clover Studio and Bayonetta at PlatinumGames.

She first broke into the industry in 2004 when she was hired by Capcom to work on Okami. She went on to serve as a concept artist at PlatinumGames on the first Bayonetta and even briefly worked on Scalebound before its cancellation.

In 2010, she moved to Bethesda and joined Tango Gameworks on the development of both The Evil Within games. She was eventually hired as the creative director on Ghostwire: Tokyo, but left the studio in mid-2019 due to her declining health, mainly brought about by stress regarding Bethesda’s ultimate control over the game and Tango Gameworks.

Nakamura gained mainstream attention during Bethesda’s E3 2019 press conference when she enthusiastically revealed Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Nakamura aims to develop games with more freedom through Unseen, establishing a multicultural studio and tackling subject matter that intrigues her, namely in the horror and supernatural genres. Given her work on Ghostwire: Tokyo, this type of game seems fitting for her style, and there’s a lot of potential in what she’ll be able to accomplish here.

Source: IGN

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