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Ex PlayStation Boss Has No Idea What Happened to Capcom’s Deep Down

Back in 2013 when Sony announced the PS4, they also showcased a pretty cool new hardcore RPG called Deep Down. The game was in development at Capcom and was a PS4 exclusive that followed the same gameplay style as the Dark Souls series. Deep Down was originally meant to be a free-to-play game where players take the role of people living in a sci-fi future and enter this fantasy realm through VR. They would be able to explore their apartment and interact with the game which would transport them into this deadly dungeon crawler world. However, Deep Down never saw the light of day and no one really knows why. Not even Sony’s former executive Shawn Layden.

Shawn Layden spoke to Bloomberg about a handful of industry-related topics. One of these was the mystery surrounding Deep Down and its development hell. The game was announced in 2013, showcased in 2014 in some developer deep dives and never seen again. According to the Video Games Chronicle, the game was actually “near-complete” in 2020 before Capcom canned the project for some reason.


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Gaming journalist Jason Schreier asked Layden about Deep Down and what exactly happened during the development of the game, According to Jason, Layden simply had no idea where the game went and why it was never released.

One thing I didn’t include in the newsletter — I asked him what happened to the PS4 exclusive Deep Down (which was announced in 2013, then vanished). He had to think for a second, then responded: “I have no idea.”

Capcom has never acknowledged the cancellation of Deep Down. Nor has the studio confirmed that the game is still in development. They did renew the trademark in 2020 but according to reports, that was done to prevent other studios from stealing the name. However, it is not unusual for games to just vanish after being announced. In fact, Sony had a number of titles announced in 2013 and 2014 as PS4 exclusives that never made it to release. There was the open-world RPG “Wild“, Rockstar’s “Agent” and remember Dead Island 2? You can now add Deep Down to that list.

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