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Explosive Battlefield 2042 Gameplay Leaks Online

If you weren’t invited to the current Battlefield 2042 Technical Test then worry not. Users who were part of the gameplay experience have been sharing their videos like there is no NDA in place whatsoever. While this is clearly against EA’s Terms of Service, a game as big as Battlefield 2042 wasn’t going to get by without a leak or two.

The gameplay includes a range of really cool modes and maps to look at. Players are playing Conquest on a tropical sunny map and they are even using a new grapple hook to get around the area. This grappling hook lets them scale buildings and shoots themselves up to the roof for a better view of their surroundings.


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The grappling hook seems to be handy for more than climbing. During the clip, I saw a player pull themselves towards another enemy to get closer to them for the kill.

There’s a lot to see in these leaked videos and while some of the quality is a bit questionable, you should enjoy the gameplay while it lasts. One thing you must pay attention to is the sheer scale of the game’s destruction. Players are riding tanks through trees and they tumble and fall while the tanks droves over them. Buildings get damaged, the ground leaves behind explosive impressions and more.

There’s also a great amount of menu in these videos. In one clip you can see the overview of the map and class selection screen. The specialists also make an appearance here including the new Casper Specialist that acts as the game’s new sniper. He wears camouflage and comes equipped with a recon drone and motion sensor.

Now how do you watch these leaked Battlefield 2042 videos you may ask? There are a couple of ways. I managed to find a selection of gameplay videos uploaded to a user’s Google Drive here. You have to download each one due to the view limit on the clips. However, you can also watch some clips here or down below on Reddit. Keep in mind that EA is actively taking these down so if you get an error then don’t be surprised.

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