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F1 2022 Supercars are Being Cut from Multiplayer – Report

Last month, a report by insider Tom Henderson claimed that developer Codemasters were adding supercars into F1 2022. However, Henderson has now provided an update stating that the game has faced a small internal delay as supercars are apparently being scaled-down and removed from multiplayer altogether.

In the latest report posted on XFire, Codemasters are scaling down the presence of supercars in F1 2022. Apparently, the Formula One Group requested that they do this, possibly following the divisive reception by fans who first learned of it in the original report. Since it is a Formula One game, it would make sense for the focus of the experience to be on the F1 vehicles instead.

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Supercars will reportedly still make an appearance in F1 2022, though will only be playable via time trials and during the career mode. They will not appear in multiplayer anymore, as that was apparently the original plan.

As it stands, fans are still divided on the inclusion of supercars in a Formula One game. According to players, not only does this make little sense but it detracts from the focus of the sport being on F1. Some have also welcomed the addition, stating that the F1 games could potentially use a shake-up to rejuvenate the formula.

As with all rumours and reports, take this with a grain of salt. However, Henderson has a solid track record and there might be some believability in these claims. We’ll only know for sure once the game is revealed. If it does face a small internal delay, though, then we shouldn’t expect the game to arrive this September according to the annual release schedule.

F1 2022 is currently in development at Codemasters, though no release date or window has been provided yet.

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Source: XFire

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