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Fable Development is Being Assisted by Eidos Montreal

Deux Ex developer Eidos Montreal is assisting Playground Games in the development of the Fable reboot. The company announced the news shortly after last night’s Xbox Games Showcase where the latest Fable trailer was shown, though it isn’t clear to what extent the studio is involved in the project.

“We’re so excited to be supporting the development of Fable,” said Eidos Montreal in a recent post on Twitter/X. “It’s been a blast collaborating with the talented team at Playground Games to craft an unforgettable adventure.”

The Fable reboot received a new gameplay trailer during the Xbox Games Showcase but it wasn’t accompanied by a concrete release date other than a vague 2025 release window. With Eidos Montreal giving Playground Games, a studio mostly known for its racing titles, a helping hand, it can bring the same creative talent and energy over from 2021’s Guardians of the Galaxy and the Deux Ex series.

A report from back in February 2023 claimed Fable was already in a playable state, meaning it’s likely that Eidos Montreal was brought on to apply the finishing touches and help get the game over the finish line. Another report from a developer close with Fable‘s development also stated that work on the reboot was taking longer due to Playground’s lack of RPG experience. It makes sense that it would seek assistance from another studio quite well-versed in RPG design.

The original Fable trilogy was developed by Lionhead Studios and released exclusively on Xbox consoles over a decade ago. Apart from some spin-offs, the franchise hasn’t seen a new main entry in a while which explains the massive anticipation for this latest project.

Fable arrives in 2025 for Xbox Series X/S and PC. It will also launch day one on Xbox Game Pass.

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