The upcoming Fable reboot from Forza Horizon developer Playground Games has already been in development for four years, according to an employee’s recent comment. The anticipated Xbox game doesn’t have a release date yet, but it seems to be further along in development than we originally expected.

Tom Gaulton, a lead engineer at Playground Games, recently took to social media to state that he had been working on the Fable reboot at Playground Games for four years now. This means that production on the game started as early as 2018. However, Playground Games may have focused their efforts on Forza Horizon 5 first, which means development on Fable may ramp up soon.

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The Fable reboot was officially unveiled last year during Xbox’s Games Showcase in July 2020, confirming Playground Games as the primary developer behind the anticipated project. Lionhead Studios, the original creators of Fable, had been working on Fable Legends until the studio’s closure in 2016. During the break, Xbox passed the mantle onto Playground Games, who are best known for their critically acclaimed Forza Horizon series.

Playground Games recently released Forza Horizon 5, earning it the highest-rated game of the year so far. Needless to say, fans are confident in the developer’s abilities to produce quality games, and they seem to be an ideal match for Fable given their reputation in developing strikingly detailed and lively open worlds. If the Fable reboot had already been in development for that long, then it’s possible we’ll see the game release sooner rather than later.

Some speculate that it will launch as early as 2023, though Xbox has mostly been tight-lipped about its development. Meanwhile, Xbox already has exclusives such as Redfall and Starfield planned for 2022.

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Source: Tom Gaulton

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