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Fable Reboot is Apparently in A Playable State

The upcoming Fable reboot from Forza Horizon series developer Playground Games is apparently in a playable state and ready to be shown off to key stakeholders. The report comes directly from a producer at the studio who updated his LinkedIn profile to state that it’s “preparing and facilitating regular game playthroughs”, suggesting that the game is decently far along in development.

As reported by Twisted Voxel, Playground Games producer Vijay Gill mentioned on his LinkedIn profile that he’s working on “preparing and facilitating regular game playthroughs and build reviews with key stakeholders”, specifically relating to the upcoming Fable reboot. It’s unclear when his profile was actually updated with this information or whether it was there all along, but this might be a sign that the game is in somewhat of a playable state.

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Xbox officially announced the Fable reboot a couple of years ago but updates have been slow to non-existent since then. We’ve heard everything from lengthy development times, Playground simply lacking the experience to develop RPGs and another report that claimed the game would be downscaled due to ForzaTech Engine issues. It’s understandable that the Fable reboot wouldn’t be in a state to be shown off to the public just yet, but that might change soon.

If key stakeholders are already being sent full game playthroughs and build reviews of Fable, then it’s possible that Playground are nearing the finish line in development. We aren’t entirely sure if it means that Xbox will actually show the game sometime this year, but we’re taking this as a good sign.

As far as information on the Fable reboot goes, we have almost nothing. The game was revealed via a short cinematic trailer which showed no actual gameplay or even story details to go off of. It’s a bit of a mystery right now but fans are confident that the creative talents at Playground Games might be able to conjure up something special.

Source: Twisted Voxel

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