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Fable Related Announcement Potentially Teased by Xbox

Xbox has potentially teased an announcement related to the Fable series or reboot ahead of the Xbox Games Showcase in June. A short clip was recently shared on Xbox’s social media with accompanying music that fans quickly deduced was from the older Fable games.

The clip in question posted by Xbox shows someone following a glitter trail in their house leading up to a computer screen with the Xbox Games Showcase wallpaper on it. This would’ve been innocent enough had it not been for the choice of music. As spotted by a Reddit user, the music used in the clip is actually taken from the Fable series. Fans speculate that Xbox could be teasing an announcement for either a remastered collection of the Fable trilogy or something to do with the reboot from Playground Games.

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The Fable reboot was revealed several years ago and is currently in development at Forza Horizon studio Playground Games. The announcement came with a short CGI trailer and a title reveal but didn’t include any gameplay. Enough time has passed since the reveal and it’s possible that Xbox and Playground Games could have something ready to show fans at the upcoming Xbox Games Showcase, either a closer look at gameplay and/or a release date.

On the other hand, rumours have been floating around online about a remastered collection of the first three Fable games. The trilogy is currently available to play on Xbox Game Pass and new Xbox hardware via backward compatibility but the series has never received the proper “Master Chief Collection” treatment. Seeing as how Fable is still a beloved franchise, Microsoft could choose to announce a remastered trilogy of the games for new players and fans.

Either way, we’ll certainly know what this tease means when the Xbox Games Showcase airs on 11 June 2023.

Source: Reddit

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