Facebook Dark Mode For Mobile Starts Rolling Out

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Facebook Dark Mode For Mobile Starts Rolling Out

After releasing a Facebook dark mode for desktop last month, which many still don’t have, it seems the company is rolling out a mobile version too. SocialMedia Today reports that the Facebook mobile app is available for a very small percentage of people with plans to roll out globally soon. The dark mode is meant to reduce glare and help users view the app in different lighting situations. In addition, it will greatly help battery life across certain mobile devices.

Users who already have access to the darker version posted some images on Twitter showing off the app experience.

We don’t know when Facebook plans on making the change globally for all users. The desktop version which began rolling out in early May has yet to complete its release. However, Facebook confirms the dark mode for mobile is currently being tested.

The flagship app is one of the last of the company’s to get dark mode. Instagram and WhatsApp have had the feature for a while now. In addition, the Messenger app also received it back in 2019. If we hear of a release date or roll out plan for the app, we will update you. For now, just know it is coming. We don’t know when, but at least we know it is real.

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