Facebook Instant Games Has Huge Potential With 20 Billion Sessions Played
Facebook Instant Games
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Facebook is constantly trying to keep its user base high, with the social media site starting to understand that gaming is a huge market it can tap into. In 2016, Facebook Instant Games was launched, with a humble 70 games available to play. Fast forward only two years, and there are over 6 000 Facebook Instant Games.

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The social media site is one of the most visited sites in the world, giving it huge potential in terms of what market it wants to tap into. With Facebook always trying to expand and stay relevant, Facebook Instant Games seems to be one of the most lucrative endeavours the company has made to continue its digital world domination.

Facebook Instant Games features HTML5-based games, which don’t have to be downloaded. These games can be played in Facebook’s messaging apps, giving so many more people access to games.

Facebook Instant Games

The company has reported that over 20 billion Facebook Instant Games sessions have been played over the past two years. This gives the company the ability to dominate in the gaming market, which it obviously plans on doing.

As the Instant Games platform has gotten more sophisticated, so too has our developer community. We’ve been building tools that our developers have asked for to improve game discovery, increase engagement and retention, and drive monetization in a meaningful way.

Because they can be played in Facebook’s messaging apps, Facebook Instant Games by-pass the need to visit an app store to download and play games. This ability could give Facebook the edge to compete with Apple’s App Store and Google’s PlayStore.

One of the reasons why we see so many games played is because Instant Games make it easy to discover and enjoy a universe of games inside of Facebook and Messenger on any device.

Furthermore, Facebook has access to billions of users, giving it the ability to market its Facebook Instant Games in such a way to draw in new and old Facebook users. This can easily be spread through Game Bots in messaging apps, notifying users of Facebook Instant Games news and updates, and possibly encouraging users to play and engage more. This has huge growth potential for Facebook, and new players now have the ability to opt-in to Game Bots notifications.

Facebook gaming groups are also a huge market the company is already taping into to encourage users to play games on Facebook. Play buttons have been added to 270 000 Facebook gaming groups, where, each month, over 90 million gamers participate.

Facebook Instant Games

And of course, Facebook will be using ads to drive more players to Facebook Instant Games.

We’ve also just rolled out Player Acquisition ads for Instant Games, so that developers can target the exact players in almost any country they want. Put it all together, we’re giving developers tools to acquire, engage, retain with better ability than ever to reach profitability.

It doesn’t look like Facebook is slowing down on its quest to dominate the gaming industry. Its gaming library might not be as mammoth sized as the Play Store or the App Store, but it has some unique social features and marketing strategies that have helped it grow at a rapid rate in the last two years alone. If Facebook Instant Games continues on this path, Facebook might become a serious player in the gaming world.

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