Facebook Redesign Announced for Mobile and Web – Dark Mode Coming Soon
Facebook Redesign
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At Facebook’s F8 developer conference yesterday, the company announced quite a lot of changes coming to all its platforms including Oculus, Instagram, Facebook Messenger and of course, Facebook itself.

Facebook’s big push for privacy and social division is working on helping people connect with family and friends. Of course, the most important announcement was a redesign change to the Facebook platform as a whole.

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The company is calling it “FB5” and this includes Facebook Messenger arriving on Mac and Windows as a desktop app as well as a dark mode for the app too. The overall design of the Facebook platform will be changing to a much lighter experience with more white than blue. Facebook states that the experience will be easier to navigate around thanks to a new top tab bar that will act as shortcuts to your content.

If you have used the mobile app recently, you would have had a glimpse at the new experience. Both the mobile app and web features the new Facebook logo which is circular and dynamically changes depending on the content.

The entire Facebook web experience will also be receiving a dark mode that will turn the white into grey and pure black which will be easier on your eyes. The iOS app will also get a dark mode version but it will come to the “Watch Tab” first and later to other tabs of the app.

Facebook was quite clear that they are pushing safety, privacy and working to turn the platform into a more positive experience. The company will continue to put a large focus on Groups as they see it as a way to expand the overall social interaction of the platform.






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