A “Cringey” New Facebook Teen App Is Being Tested
Facebook Teen App
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Facebook has maybe been losing its cool, literally. It’s been discovered that the social media site is working on a secret Facebook teen app, which looks like a try-hard attempt to stay relevant with the younger generation.

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The new Facebook teen app was discovered to be secretly in the works and is called LOL. The new app is all about memes and funny videos and is focused on drawing in younger users.

The app is apparently broken down into different categories to make it easy for teens to search for GIFs and other funny video content. These categories reportedly include suggested content like “For You”, “Dailies” “Animals”, “Funny”, “LOL” “Fails”, and “Pranks”. The content which is curated by the reported new Facebook teen app is apparently pulled from Facebook’s News Feed posts by top funny video and meme Pages.

The app is apparently still in private beta phase, with 100 US teens participating with their parents’ consent and having signed non-disclosure agreements. The company has confirmed that it’s working on an app but has not confirmed what the app’s focus will be.

We are running a small scale test and the concept is in the early stages right now.

However, Facebook failed to grasp the younger generation’s attention with apps like Lasso, Lifestage, and Slingshot, in the past. So, it’s unclear why the company would be working on another Facebook teen app when it seems like teens don’t want one. Obviously, the company wants to connect with a younger audience, to ensure that Facebook continues, with a new generation of users. But a stand-alone app doesn’t seem to be the answer.

Facebook Teen App

Also, sources close to the design of the new app stated that the app is “cringey” and that it feels like Facebook is trying too hard to be cool and current. The sources went on to explain that some of the content that is curated onto the new Facebook teen app is outdated, with some of the memes being weeks old. This is not good for a teen app. Teens usually want the newest stuff, first. They would probably grow bored of old content they’ve most likely seen somewhere else on the internet before seeing it again in a Facebook app. If the content doesn’t remain relevant, there would be no reason for teens to use or return to a Facebook app in the first place.

Would you be keen on an app like this from Facebook?






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