Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram Up and Running After Day-Long Outage
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If you were trying to get your social media fix in last night and you were welcome to blank white boxes on Facebook, WhatsApp connectivity issues and Instagram loading errors then you were not alone. There was a massive Facebook outage around the world which has now been resolved.

Facebook has issues loading images, videos and other data across its apps and desktop site. You could not view stories on Instagram and send messages on WhatsApp.

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Facebook quickly responded to the outage saying they were “working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible” and blamed the outage on an error triggered during routine maintenance.

It was not until around 2 AM South African time where they confirmed the issue had been resolved and everything should be back up and running. But the outage was bigger than we thought as users began reporting issues in the early morning but it was not bad enough to classify it as a major outage.

Everything seems to be up and running now and according to the developer platform, everything is “healthy”. Still, the effects of the outage can still be felt for some. Brands running ad campaigns and apps relying on Facebook’s integration were all unable to perform their tasks which affected business for millions of people.

Sure, it might seem like a simple Facebook outage for many and you just close the app and try again later but it is damaging to millions of people, brands and apps around the world. At least it is back up and running now.






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