FaceTime Bug Lets People Listen In On Your Audio
FaceTime Bug
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A new FaceTime bug, which essentially lets people eavesdrop on other’s audio, might make you want to immediately delete the app from your iPhone.

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A new FaceTime bug was recently discovered and is now going viral. The bug lets users listen in through another person’s microphone, without their knowledge. The FaceTime bug was quickly tested by numerous social media users, and tech enthusiast, with most attempts resulting in successfully eavesdropping in on another person, who is completely unaware of what’s going on.

Here’s how the FaceTime bug works:

  • Begin a FaceTime video call with one of your iPhone contacts;
  • While it’s ringing, swipe up from the bottom of your screen;
  • Tap on Add Person;
  • Add your own telephone number to the Add Person to start a group FaceTime call;
  • Once a group call has been started, the FaceTime bug allows you to hear the audio of the person you’re FaceTime calling, without them having to accept the call or even knowing that it’s happening.

Apple has stated that it has identified the bug, fixed it and will be releasing the fix through a software update later this week, through a software update. The company has also disabled FaceTime Group calls until the bug is fixed with the release of the software update. Until then, you may want to reconsider having FaceTime installed on your iPhone or you can disable FaceTime in your settings, as the full extent of the bug might expand beyond Group calls.

Bugs like these, and other’s like it, like a previous WhatsApp bug, remind us all that technology isn’t always full-proof. Bugs can easily occur, even in old apps, like FaceTime. Group FaceTime calls were first introduced through iOS 12, which was released in June 2018.






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