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Fake Bloodborne Remastered PS5 News Confuses Social Media

Yesterday, a Twitter account posing as news source Nibel posted a tweet “confirming” that Bloodborne remastered for PS5 was announced by PlayStation. As it turns out, the account that originally posted this news was a fake, with the real Nibel having to quickly clarify the misinformation. Unfortunately, the tweet spread like wildfire on social media and it left a lot of fans confused and disappointed.

A Twitter account posing as Nibel, who is known for being a reliable source for various gaming news on Twitter, posted a tweet yesterday that led many to believe that Sony had officially confirmed Bloodborne remastered coming to PS5 in August 2022, with a PC release scheduled for Q2 2023. They even went as far as providing a link to an official PlayStation blog post that made the tweet, at a quick glance, seem legitimate.

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As it turns out, the link provided in the tweet was for an older Bloodborne post dated back to 2015. Upon closer inspection, one can see that it’s clearly a fake account. The real Nibel eventually responded to the tweet and later clarified the situation on their own Twitter account, but the damage had already been done.

As of writing, the fake Bloodborne remastered announcement tweet has nearly 18k likes with over 7k retweets. Many eventually caught on to the clever ruse, but it initially caught fans off-guard – myself included – who believed the news to be authentic.

If anything, this proves how easy it is to replicate a reputable source and spread false information online when it comes to gaming news. Perhaps fans are just hungry for any ounce of Bloodborne news at this point, which has yet to get a PS5 upgrade, sequel or PC port despite its critical acclaim and following. Developer From Software has since moved onto Elden Ring and Sony remains quiet about any plans to bring Bloodborne back into the spotlight.

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Source: Nibel Impostor

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