Fall Guys “Cheater Island” Was Once a Place Where All Cheaters Went
"A scum-ridden island for the cheater scum of Fall Guys."

Cheating in Fall Guys is a major problem. If you play on PC then chances are you have come into contact with at least one cheater in your game. Developer Mediatonic is trying to crack down on these lawbreakers. However, their original anti-cheat method which sounds fantastic recently closed down. Mediatonic confirmed that previously they secretly launched a Fall Guys Cheater Island, a magical place where cheaters went to compete against themselves for their own “Cheater’s Crown”.


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The idea that all cheaters would meet up on one island and live a pathetic life together sounds magical, right? Well, that was the plan but things did not work out as well as Mediatonic hoped. This was mainly due to the population issue on the island. Cheaters were being flagged and moved to the island quite slowly which caused a matchmaking issue in the game. In short, often there weren’t enough players to fill up a lobby. This resulted in players being stuck on a loading screen.

Mediatonic tried to keep the Fall Guys Cheater Island a secret for as long as possible so when users complained about the infinite loading screen they could not confirm the problem. In addition, these cheaters realized that teaming up with non-cheating friends or using a family-sharing exploit put them back into the normal server. However, Mediatonic swiftly blocked these exploits and cheaters were then placed on the island again.

One user uploaded a video which they claim is from the Fall Guys Cheater Island;

The island, however, is no longer in use. Mediatonic took steps to prevent the cheaters from logging into Fall Guys completely now instead of placing them all in a lobby together. The developer is working with Epic to add the company’s anti-cheat into the game which finally eliminates cheaters once and for all.

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