The Takeshi’s Castle-like Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is releasing this week on PS4, and PC. However, PlayStation 4 owners with a current PlayStation Plus subscription are in for a treat. The game is part of the August lineup which means you won’t need to pay anything extra for it. In addition, this means Fall Guys is about to get a whole load of new players added to the game of which the developers are thankful to Sony. In a Reddit AMA, Mediatonic Lead Game Designer had something to say about the Fall Guys PlayStation Plus debut.

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According to the designer, the ability to launch Fall Guys on PlayStation Plus allows for a ton of players to fill up the servers at launch.

Really early on we’d talked about launching on PS+ being the dream because it would give us a ton of players at launch and really fill the servers up. Plus it just gets the game out there into the ether in a way that was really important to us as a premium game. Obviously we’d seen what it had done for Rocket League too- we felt like we were bringing something similarly unique to the multiplayer space, and that hopefully, it could have the same effect on us.

When we started talking to Sony they almost instantly brought it up as a possibility which was awesome for us. We can’t want to get everyone playing on launch day!

In addition to the mass influx of players, you can expect to find on 4 August, Mediatonic claim Fall Guys includes an insanely hard trophy which they doubt players will unlock.

A Reddit user guessed what the trophy requirements could entail asking “Finish first at every challenge and be the winner of a Fall Guys session?“. Unfortunately, FallGuysJoe responded with an “aw, that’s cute.” As a trophy hunter, I am a little scared right now.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is out tomorrow on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Check out the latest trailer down below;

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